#WeRISE together

While being fiscally responsible, there are FOUR core pillars that a city should focus on: Relationships, Infrastructure, Safety, and Engagement.


"Positive relationships create positive investments. Whether it's our schools, businesses, nonprofits, or everyday citizens, it takes ALL of us to create a positive community in which we want to live, work, and play. This also means being kind to those with whom you may disagree. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."


"From gravel roads to four-lane highways, Westfield has experienced many changes in a short amount of time. We must be proactive and improve our roads, bridges, parks/trails, and other infrastructure projects. Investing NOW is not only fiscally responsible, but it will also allow us to have a solid plan for the future."


"Westfield has consistently been ranked as one of Indiana's safest cities. This is due to our fantastic Fire and Police departments. As our community continues to grow, we MUST support our public safety teams by hiring adequate staff, maintaining our facilities, purchasing equipment, and encouraging positive interactions."


"A house is not a home without activity. The same philosophy applies for a community. I want people to be PROUD to live in Westfield! Cheer on our Shamrocks, volunteer for an organization, attend a Westfield Welcome event...whatever it is, there have never been more opportunities to be engaged. WE are Westfield!"


Westfield City Council District 2


"Victor McCarty files to run for Westfield City Council"

JAN. 4, 2023 - Victor McCarty, lifelong Westfield resident who serves on the city’s Advisory Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, has officially filed to run for Westfield City Council in the 2nd District for the May 2023 Republican primary.


"What's Up Westfield"

OCT. 25, 2022 - Curt Whitesell had me on his "What's Up Westfield" Podcast where I shared my faith journey and why I love Westfield.


"McCarty announces run for Westfield City Council"

SEPT. 25, 2022 - A Westfield resident who serves on the city’s Advisory Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals has announced that he is running for Westfield City Council. Victor McCarty, 29, is a lifelong resident of the city and said he decided to make a run for a seat on the city council in part because of his love for Westfield and  because he thinks he can bring a different perspective if elected. He plans to formally declare in January, he said.